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Midwest Spec History

The Merger That Started It All

Midwest Spec was formed in the Spring of 2006, as a result of the merger between Morrissey Associates and Select Spec Sales. This merger created one of the most diverse, dynamic and experienced rep agencies in the Midwest region of the country.

Morrissey Associates and Select Spec Sales merger celebration
Owners of the Morrissey Associates posing with their company sign
Owners and Employees of Select Spec Sales posing for an award

Morrissey Associates

Morrissey Associates was founded in 1976, by Joe Morrissey. As the business grew, Joe added his sons, Tim in 1982, and Kevin in 1989 to service the robust industrial market in the tri-state area. It wasn't long, before market share and brand loyalty became the fruits of their labor.


Tim and Kevin purchased the agency from their father in 1997, and formed Morrissey Associates, Inc. Today Tim serves as President of Midwest Spec, and his partner Kevin serves as Vice-President.

Select Spec Sales

Select Spec Sales was formed in 1987 by Bill Rueve and Gloria Kern. Each had a shared vision to be the tri state area "Value Added Plumbing Rep". With a focus on specifiable commercial plumbing products, it was not long before their vision came to fruition, as they quickly became recognized as the “Go-to-Rep” within the contractor and engineering community.

In 1988, Pat Murphy joined the team as a sales trainee, and was eventually groomed to be Bill's successor. Today Pat is a managing partner and Vice President of Midwest Spec.

Scott Burggraf joined Select Spec in 1996, and was a Founding Father of Midwest Spec. Scott is a partner, and runs our Kentucky territory.

ADCO staff members with their sales awards

ADCO Joins Midwest Spec

In the spring of 2015, Midwest Spec acquired ADCO Sales, which is based in Wickliffe, OH. ADCO was a 2nd generation, family owned agency focused on sales and the specification of commercial plumbing specialties. ADCO has represented industry leading manufacturers such as Sloan, Jay R. Smith and Acorn Engineering for decades.


Tony D’Amico, the President of ADCO Sales, began with theagency in 1993. Sadly in October 2017 Tony passed away. Tim Morrissey along with John Augusta are currently managing the greater Cleveland operation.

Halls Sales Joins The Team

H.L. Godschalk and Associates was founded in 1971 by Herb Godschalk, and 5 years later, Jim Hall (Herb’s Grandson), started as an Outside Salesman. In 1993 Herb retired and Jim Hall took over the company. In 1994 while attending Marshall University, Shane Hall (Jim’s son) started in the warehouse to make extra money while going to college, and in 1997 took a full-time position as an inside salesperson. In 2001 an outside sales position opened, and Shane jumped in and has never looked back.

Halls Sales ownership photo

In 2007 Jim retired and Shane Hall took over the company and renamed the company Hall Sales Agency. Shane continued to run the company until January 2011 when he merged with Midwest Spec. Shane stayed on as an outside salesperson and is now a Junior Partner & Sales Manager of MWS, directly responsible for the Central OH and WV territories.

Quick Facts About Midwest Spec

  • We have a team of 14 dedicated sales professionals and 8 outside sales professional.
  • 4 full-time commercial project quotation specialists
  • CPMR (Certified Professional Manufacturer Representative)
  • United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters - Sales Agent
  • 2 fully integrated offices in Cincinnati and Cleveland.

  • 4 regional remote sales offices in New Castle, PA; Louisville, KY; Pittsburgh, PA; Huntington, WV.

  • Two fully stocked warehouses in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

  • Qualified Aquatherm fusion Instructors

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